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Johnstown Northridge Food Pantry (Baptist Church on 37 north)

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2020 Johnstown Northridge Food Pantry Drive

Even with the scourge of the corona virus and the media focus of the national elections, the annual food drive has arrived.  This drive collects food items at each of the buildings in the two school districts nearest our parish.  Johnstown Monroe and Northridge Local provide education for many of our families and neighbors.  The food from this drive stays in our community.

We are needing volunteers to help collect and deliver empty grocery boxes to allow the students to accumulate the foods they donate.  The boxes will be taken to each school building on Thursday and Friday 1 and 2 OCT 20. If we have enough volunteers, we will finish on Thursday.

We also need volunteers to help transport the food items from the schools to the food pantry.  This will occur in Johnstown on Friday 9 OCT 20 and in Northridge on Monday 12 OCT 20.  We will start at 830 AM both days.  Pickup trucks are preferred, but cars and SUV’s will work wonderfully.  If we get enough volunteers, we will need only 2 trips to move all of the items from each district to the food pantry.  Students come from both school districts to aid the food pantry staff in moving, sorting and storing the food items they contribute. 

The need is very great this year.  Now is the time to volunteer 4 hours of your time to help.

Please contact Dennis Murnane at Dennis.Murnane@gmail.com with any related questions or ability to contribute.

Thank you very much!